Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christian Hope

Christians are people of hope, and that is the secret of their lives. 

We see believers doing the most menial and wearying work, taking the basin of water, washing and drying disciples’ feet. 

They are strengthened to do so because they see the day approaching. 

They know that there’s soon going to be a complete transformation of themselves and those whom they love. 

That body sown in weakness is going to be raised in might. 

A glory is going to be shown not to them, it’s going to be revealed in them. 

They are going to glorified together with Christ in just a few more years. 

Can you imagine that day? 

An old missionary to Peru named Michael Smith died seven weeks ago. 

He kept hiking into remote villages on narrow jungle trails visiting scattered groups of Christians when he was in his eighties. 

At the end of the summer he was told that he was in a terminal condition. 

An old friend said to him, “Michael, you’ve climbed many mountains in your life and now you have to climb the highest one of all.” 

“Yes, I’ve often thought of it like that,” he replied, “and the best part of climbing a mountain is the view from the top.” 

That is the Christian hope.

Alfred Place Baptist Church