Friday, September 24, 2010

Fourteen Days

The Second Half after Half Time is getting very exciting. This year, Grace and I have been invited to so many destinations to conduct the Elijah Challenge Seminar that we have to reject some of invitations.

The most recent trip was a 14-day mission spent in the Philippines. Grace, her father and I landed on beautiful Cebu at near midnight of 9 September 2010. Our dear friend, Pastor Butch Nagua came to the airport with a borrowed mini-van. In his excitement, he forgot to turn off the headlights and so when we all squeezed into the vehicle, it refused to start. The battery was dead and we had to push!

Pushing the mini-van with Bro Ong
We pushed the vehicle in the rain! Yes, the storm came and did so furiously. It was a 'wonderful' beginning. We had planned to be in Cebu and Mindanao for 10 days but God had other plan. He threw in a 4-day forced visit to Manila. Grace had contracted conjunctivitis while we were ministering in Butuan, Mindanao. The Cebu Pacific Airlines allowed all of us to go onboard to fly to Manila. However, Grace was stopped from boarding Malaysian Airlines. Three hours of waiting and haggling got us nowhere. The MAS staffs were incompetent at best. That's another story.

The ministry in Cebu was fruitful. We had outdoor preaching, radio ministry, seminars on healing in three places before we boarded the ship to Butuan City. Not to forget all the people who were healed during the seminars. Another exciting result was that many pastors and preachers were excited to see all the healing and they wanted to learn more.

Nameless and faceless believers healing the sick in the name of Jesus
The ministry in Butuan was at NOGAP - a church located at Buenavista and the acronym stands for 'Nook of God's Awesome Presence'. The few days that we were there also saw many healing miracles.We joined Pastor Lorenzo Oalican on his radio program on Saturday. Then on the final day, I preached at BECMA Joint Worship Service where churches in Buenavista combined together once every quarter to worship God and hear the Word.

A mad dash to the airport in Manila. That was when Grace was grounded. After sending Grace's dad on the way to Kuala Lumpur, Grace and I stayed back in Manila for her eyes to recover. We knew God had something in mind and so we anticipated. Pastor Rick Alay was the angel sent to take care of us. The four days that we were in Manila, Pastor Rick took care of us. He even offered to pay our hotel's bills. We declined his kind offer because we had troubled him enough. He then invited us to minister to the students in the two campuses of his Bible School. The healing miracles were spectacular and we believe that the students will always remember that they can heal the sick by using the authority and power given by the Lord.

Rev Rick Alay made the arrangement for us to meet the Javier
Another highlight was the meeting with my professor, Dr. Eli Javier and his wife, Sis Esther, after more than 25 years. Dr. Javier is now in his 70s and undergoing dialysis. So, we proceeded to command the kidney disease to leave him. He could still remember what a rebel I was when I was younger.

The night before our departure, Pastor Rick arranged for Grace to get a medical certificate giving her permission to fly. Finally, when the day arrived, we were at MAS office in Makati to arrange for our flight back. The incredible incompetence of MAS was once again revealed. The office staff wanted to send us to the airport to get the tickets but the previous evening, we had spoken to one of the MAS people and were told to go to the office. So the communication gap was devastatingly clear. Everybody was trying to push the buck and so the only victim would be the passenger. Grace stood her ground that she wanted the air tickets there at the office. Pastor Rick helped by questioning their competence. Finally, we got our tickets and off to the airport we went.

Finally we are going home
Fourteen days in the Philippines and what an adventure of faith and patience! I am glad I am home sitting in my favorite chair and working on my laptop. Most of my pets are lying around on the floor next to me. One cat is on my lap. This is my home and I love it. Ministry may be fun but nothing is like home.

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