Monday, March 14, 2011

Viper In Your Heart

"Let no man think to kill sin--with a few, easy, or gentle strokes!" - John Owen

I once found a snake in my backyard, coiled behind a bush, ready to strike and release its dangerous poison into one of my children. Actually, my son James discovered it and ran to me for protection. My neighbor killed 23 of them in his yard this past year. As I snuck up on the legless beast, I drew back my shovel, knowing that I had one good shot at a quick, clean kill. After that, if I had only wounded it, I'd be in for a nasty fight. 

No responsible father would deal gently and sensitively with a poisonous viper roaming a backyard full of children. A real man would pursue the creature until he saw its death and then put up barricades to prevent future intruders. 

Sin is a real viper, often curled up in the heart of your chest, waiting to release its venom into your marriage, your children, and your soul. Deal violently with it. Cut its head off and rejoice in victory over it. Then barricade your family against future sin by cultivating a deep love for God, His people, and His kingdom.

Kirk Cameron

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