Monday, June 13, 2011

Are You Having Fun Yet?

By Albert Kang
The Talibans must be the most miserable people on earth. They do not allow music, games or anything that are fun. Why? Because that would be 'unspiritual'. To them, having fun is similar to sinning.

The fact is that for many years, many Christians, especially the Fundamentalists, had almost similar views about fun as that of the Talibans. Doing anything enjoyable was to be suspected. Many in those dark days were not allowed to listen to radio because that was the evil device of the 'prince of the air'. When television came on the scene, some pretty holy preachers were lashing out at this as the new instrument of the devil. Going to a movie house is deemed as flirting with Satan himself.

Preacher after preacher hollered with sheer sincere passion, "Why should you be found in the place of the devil? Repent, if you have gone to the movie house!"

I remember when I attended the Jesus Film at Cathay Theater in Singapore, I felt sheepish. The 'guilt alarm bell' was going off big time. Then I saw the General Superintendent of our denomination and his family entering the cinema, my guilt raptured and gone to heaven by itself. If this big man could do it, then it should be all right for a small fry like me! God would not be mad with me because he will have to deal with the big man first. Whew!

However, after more than three decades, this old ghost of guilt continues to resurrect from its grave every time I enjoy myself. No, I do not show it but at the back of my mind, Mr. Guilt is eager to set up his shop. Its deadly whisper has to be suppressed by my 'enlightened' understanding of God's Word. Yes, Mr. Guilt has to shut up because It is all right to have fun and sin not.

Yesterday which is a Monday (day-off for most pastors) I spend hours playing internet games.One of the Facebook friends commented that it was the first time he saw me playing games online. The truth is that that was not the first time. I seldom play internet games because they are so time consuming. However, it is good to take a break and not feel guilty about it.

Like what the popular advice - take time to smell the roses - may I suggest to you, take time to take a break. Whether it is just playing computer games or go for a round of golf, it is good to take a break. One more thing, never feel guilty if you have to take that break. Why? Because if you don't, you might end up broken... which is far worse.

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