Monday, September 26, 2011

These 33 minutes will change your life!

Watch this '180' video and consider its message:
These 33 minutes will change your life!


John Piper “I give my unflinching, joyful, trembling Yes to '180'. Unflinching, because it's right. Joyful, because it's good. Trembling, because this our defeated enemy is still vicious.” John Piper - Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church

Francis Chan “Extremely convicting.  It made me question my courage.  I pray it causes many to evaluate their silence.” Francis Chan - Pastor & Best-Selling Author

Kirk Cameron “My friend Ray Comfort has produced a powerful piece of media that leaves a lasting mark on your heart and mind. '180' is 33 minutes of video adrenaline, shock, and hope. As defenders of the unborn and messengers of the Gospel of Life, we need to see this video and share it with as many people as we can.” Kirk Cameron - Actor and TV Co-host

“Engaging, balanced, effective and disarming.” Nick Vujicic
David Platt “Watch this video now…and then pass it on to everyone you can. ‘180’ is a poignant, eye-opening, heart-wrenching film that exposes the moral darkness of our hearts and the hidden horror of our culture—all through the lens of the indescribable love of our God.”
David Platt
- Senior Pastor, The Church at Brook Hills, York Times Best-Selling Author

Frank Pastore “You've just got to see this, because, in mere seconds, literally in seconds, people are flipping from being pro-choice and that abortion is okay, to being pro-life…and the arguments are so winsome and powerful!”
Frank Pastore - Frank Pastore Show, KKLA

Jack Zufelt “One of the most important films of its kind ever created!”
Jack M. Zufelt - Success Expert and best selling author of, The DNA of Success
Eric Hovind “This film has the potential to change the course of our nation.”
Eric Hovind
- President, Creation Science Evangelism
Dr. Alveda C. King “'180' is an eye opener, a ‘game changer,’ sure to turn many lives around. Thank God for this film which shines the light of truth on the evil of abortion.” Dr. Alveda C. King - Founder of King for America
John Reynolds “This was a riveting presentation of historical precedent and logical deductions…” John Reynolds - Co-Founder
Howard Conder “'180' is brilliant! You can’t help but be moved by it.”
Howard Conder - co-founder and host, Revelation TV
Penny Young Nance "'180' is the most gripping video I’ve seen this year.”
Penny Young Nance
- President, Concerned Women for America
Larry Gatlin “Very powerful . . . It will change lives.”
Larry Gatlin - American country music singer/songwriter
Allan Parker “'180' is the most powerful production of its kind that I have ever seen.” Allan Parker - President, The Justice Foundation
Dr. Carl Moeller “Amazing…really powerful and inescapably compelling logic.” 
Dr. Carl Moeller - President/CEO, Open Doors USA
Bill Gothard “A life-changing message that will impact the nation.” Bill Gothard
Jill Stanek “Incredible. It’ll blow you away!” Jill Stanek
Dr. Frank Turek “With one question, Ray Comfort shows how you can change minds, save lives, and awaken the conscience of a nation.  Why hasn't anyone thought of this until now?” Dr. Frank Turek - Founder & President of
Francine Rivers “Powerful, disturbing…‘180’ is our wake up call.” Francine Rivers - author of The Atonement Child
Abby Johnson “Absolutely amazing!” Abby Johnson - author of Unplanned
Skip Heitzig “Totally incredible!” Skip Heitzig - Pastor, Calvary of Albuquerque
K.P. Yohannan “Truly revolutionary and inspiring!” K.P. Yohannan
Joseph Farah “Brilliant and powerful.” Joseph Farah - CEO
Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar “Life-changing!” Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar - TLC's 19 Kids & Counting
Randy Alcorn “Mind-blowing and unforgettable!” Randy Alcorn
Kay Arthur “Brilliant...” Kay Arthur
Joni Eareckson Tada “Riveting!” Joni Eareckson Tada
Janet Parshall “I am absolutely in awe at this!” Janet Parshall
Dr. Kenyn M. Cureton “Ray Comfort’s bracing questions cut like a laser through all the mindnumbing… compelling those he interviews to grapple with life, death, and eternity.” Dr. Kenyn M. Cureton - Vice President for Church Ministries, Family Research Council, Washington, DC
Ron DiCianni “As one who was scheduled to be aborted, this astounding video struck me at my core that this is needed more now than ever. It is more than is a vehicle of God's voice to this generation, and must be seen!” Ron DiCianni
Johnny Berguson “Paradigm Shattering! A most powerful message that will change and
save lives!”
Johnny Berguson - Pres. Kingdom, Inc. 
Garry T. Ansdell “You don't view this video. You experience it!” Garry T. Ansdell
Trish Ramos “After viewing 180 last night one couple wanted to invest in a couple of thousand copies, and give them away in the surrounding neighborhoods near our church.” Trisha Ramos (TX)
Stacy L. Massey “Leaves you utterly speechless! 180 is going to change the direction of
the nation.”
Stacy L. Massey - president, Abortion Recovery International
Allen Atzbi “Riveting, shocking, jaw-dropping!” Allen Atzbi

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