Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mercy The Queen and Our Three Cats

Tabby Boy, Jellicle and Alaska having their meals
One of our three dogs, Mercy, has a possessive habit. The moment she has a bone in front of her, she will frighten Goodness and Danny away with her growl. After all, she is the queen or in Caesar Milan's words, "Leader of the Pack". From time to time, she charges and threatens the cats.

This morning, all three cats needed to come in for their meals. Mercy had her bone right at the front entrance. None of the cats dared to come in because her non-verbal was really dominant. Mercy had lowered her head and staring at the the three felines from the corners of her eyes. However, hunger beckoned and our fattest cat, Tabby Boy, who is the greediest of the three, tried to make a dash into the house. Mercy charged at him. Tabby Boy retreated with paws armed with claws.

Like a flash, I was in between the two animals and commanding Mercy to back off. Mercy might be the leader of the pack but I am the "Master of All".  Immediately, Mercy retreated and bowed down. I held my ground in between the 'gap' to keep the peace. All the cats then paraded boldly pass Mercy without any fear and went for their food.

As I was reflecting upon my action and those of the cats, I saw a spiritual comparison. We have the Lord. Every time, the devil tries to intimidate us, we cannot fight him with our own strength or authority. We may produce our 'claws' but they are quite limited in resisting the attack of the devil. We just have to back down and allow the Lord to step in. When Jesus is standing in between the 'gap', we can pass by safely. Jesus is indeed the Master of all!

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