Monday, February 28, 2011

Learning From A Church In Segamat

A massive flood that hit Segamat in February 2011 brought much sufferings and pains to the residents in this small Malaysian town. Many flood victims lost everything as their homes went under water. This flood was worse than that of 2006 and this time, lives were lost.

A local church, Charisma Assembly, did not just pray but they swung into action. Pastor Steven Wong initiated a flood disaster relief mission with the help of his church members. For two days, the flood victims from more than 1500 affected homes received rice, Milo, biscuits, noodles, towels, toiletries etc.

Charisma Assembly is not a large or rich church but it raised RM 200,000 to provide for the post-flood relief mission. With 1500 families, that worked out to be RM 133 per household. Regardless of race or religions, all deserving victims were given coupons to receive their supplies. The guideline was to target primarily families that lived in single story houses - in short, the less-fortunate residents.

The relief work needed careful planning and a lot of leg-work. The church volunteers visited many homes so as to identify genuine flood victims. That was to make sure that only those who lost much would receive the help they needed and also no one family receive multiple portions.

The flood relief effort by this church speaks volume to the residents of Segamat about the love of Jesus. This is the Gospel in action. People may hear about Christ but now they can see Christ revealed in the actions of love and care. 

May we all learn from this small church in Segamat and become obedient to the call of God by becoming relevant to our community.


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