Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monopoly and Love

After a hectic 17 days ministering in the Philippine, the 3 days at Refreshing Springs was a welcomed break. It was a time of knowing my wife better. Grace is a wonderful person but nothing is like really knowing her. I thank God for her keen sense of knowing God's working in our lives. We talked about all the past blessings and how God had opened many doors of ministry opportunity. The more we talked, the more in love I was with my wife.

Those few days together were spent not only talking but also playing Monopoly. Sometimes, through games we get to know others better. Grace is explicitly honest. No scheming and no cheating. I remember years ago, I was playing a simple card game with a Christian couple. The wife kept cheating that all of us at the table were visibly embarassed.

Amidst laugthers and jests, the two of us challenged each other in this board game of chance and strategy - and getting to know each other so much better. Grace was a gracious loser and I hope that she thought that of me too. 

A group of campers came to Refreshing Springs for the weekend and God opened the opportunity for us to heal the infirm and share the Gospel. 

What a wonderful God we have... so full of love. It is Him who strengthens our relationship as husband and wife. It is Him who give us the privilege of serving Him together. It is Him who gives us this life together. We are forever thankful that we have a big, great and wonderful God.

Albert Kang

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