Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Make More Friends In 20 Minutes Than You Can In 20 Weeks

A great stage director once said, "Acting is reacting. It's done with the ears, not the mouth." Contrary to popular belief, listening is not passive, it's active. How do you get someone's attention? It's not by talking or by making clever remarks or by trying to impress others with yourself. If you want to get people interested in you, talk about what's important to them. The biggest mistake most people make in communicating is talking about me, myself and I: "What I want to sell"... "These are my needs"... "I would like this to happen because I"....
Instead, turn your attention to the other person: "What are your needs?" "How can I help you?" Then listen. Always pivot the conversation around the other person. Talk about people, places and things that are important to him or her.
It's been said that by showing interest in people you can make more friends in twenty minutes than you can in twenty weeks. So be an active listener this week!
—Denis Waitley

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