Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Paul and Silas glorified God in their trial by getting the jailer saved

When we are going through trials and sufferings, we know that God will be able to bring out much good from them. However, we must remember that we are NOT TO GLORIFY OUR TRIALS but GLORIFY GOD IN OUR TRIALS. 

We are also instructed not to enjoy our trials and like them so much. We are to pray for deliverance from evil as found in The Lord's Prayer. Even our Lord prayed that the cup of suffering be passed from Him. 

The 'cross' is only for a season but we must look forward to the 'resurrection'.  While waiting for deliverance, anxiety should not be our portion because we have made our supplications known to God. We now can rest in the sweet assurance that God's will in heaven is done on Earth. 
Rev Albert Kang

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