Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jesus - High On The Mountain

When Christians say that they put Jesus first, I am afraid that what they mean is that they have created a little chapel on a very high mountain and leave Jesus there. After worshiping Him, they climb down and put their family next. Their church third and their career fourth and so on. 

Where is Jesus? High on the mountain. Once a while, they will climb up that mountain and spend 'quiet time' with Him. Then they are down again to their secondary priorities, struggling alone with their families, churches, careers and other aspects of life.

It is true that the Bible tells us that Jesus is first before and over all things (Colossians 1:15-20) but that does not mean that we put Him in the chapel on the high mountain. He only becomes first in our lives when He is able to be in the midst of them. After all He is the One who reconciles all things to Himself. In Him, all things hold together as all things were created through and for Him.

So, my advice is not to put Jesus 'first' on the mountain but invite Him down to our daily experiences and struggles of life and let Him be in the center of everything that we do.

Rev Albert Kang

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