Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Water That Makes The Difference!

This is an article written by my wife, Grace Kang, who is a Nutritionist by training but a Health Editor and Writer by profession.
Did you know that God has put healing properties within our reach to keep us healthy and fit? One of them is water
Our body is made up of more than 70% water. Water is a universal medium that plays many roles in the body. It helps to detoxify and flushes out the acidic wastes in the body. In fact, acidicity is shown to be associated with many types of chronic diseases liked high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Other inflammatory diseases are gout, eczema, skin diseases, psoriasis, heartburn, etc. 

The problem with our water is it is not as pure as how it was created by God in the beginning. The water today has been polluted by us, mankind - and needs go through different stages of chemical treatment
Our water is no longer 'alive' and no longer nourishing and cleansing our cells. Whenever there is living water like from Yangmingshan in Taiwan, a village in China, etc, people will rush to collect the water. Scientists found out that this type of water is usually richer in ions, minerals and alkaline in nature. 

I came across Kangen water in August 2012 and have since been consuming it. This water is used in Japanese hospitals to balance pH level in the body to help patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, skin problems, gout, cancer, etc. 
I'm attaching an e-book by Dr Robert Wright, director of American Anti-Cancer Institute, entitled 'Killing Cancer, not People'. In his book, you will learn that most lifestyle-related diseases, including cancers, do not just appear overnight. And all these have the same nature: low in oxygen, high in free radicals, and extremely acidic!

Here are some relevant videos for your quick viewing: 

My 36-year-old friend who is on insulin injection every day has no need for insulin since he started consuming Kangen water. His blood glucose level has dropped and stabilised! This is coming to his 4th week off insulin. ;-) Don't worry, his Endocrinologist (a specialist in diabetes and hormones) has been informed and is monitoring his progress

Last week, my husband was suffering from gout on his left wrist as he was feasting on satay lembu, perut, hati and bak kut teh - all on the same day! Believe me, I couldn't help but lectured him when he had gout... Well, he was in pain and he needed to flush out the uric acid crystals fast. Since Kangen water is made up of small water molecules, he started guzzling down Kangen water, litre after litre! Lo and behold, the swelling subsided and the gout disappeared in just two days! Thanks to Kangen, he's back on his daily routine pain-free!

Today, our house is like a water station. Our friends come with ten-litre containers to fill up with Kangen water. We do not charge anything for that. In some instances, we actually deliver the water to them. God has blessed us with the Kangen machine and we are happy to share the blessings. After seeing positive health results, we rejoice that we can help in getting our friends and relatives back to health.

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