Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trusted Acceptance of God's Way

During the recent funeral of a 72 year-old brother, I observed many things. One of them was hope in the midst of loss. 

The family grieved because they missed their loved one. But in the midst of weeping and tears, I saw strong and steady faith. 

The adult children comforted their grieving mother with the promises of God. "He is in heaven! Jesus says so! God promises that!" They claimed all these without doubt or wavering. 

I saw dignity in the midst of bereavement, respect in the midst of sadness, and a trusted acceptance of God's will. 

The family had understood fully that God's way is much higher than their way. 

They had learned to release their loved one to the loving embrace of their precious Lord and Savior and shalom is now in that family. 

Pastor Albert Kang
24 October 2012

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