Monday, August 2, 2010

56 and Still Ticking

Ten years ago, my good friend, Bob, told me that he owned a piece of furniture and that it was an antique. When asked exactly how old that piece was, he said, "About 50 years old". So there you have it... anybody above fifty is an 'antique'. Next month, I will be officially 56. So I will be 6 years beyond 'antique'. How can that be? I still feel 26... well, more like 36. Yes, 36 is a good age to be in. Anyway, being an antique does not make me feel any more special or expensive.

Time flies? No, it does not fly but wooshes by. Why? Well, if it flies, you can still see it. When it wooshes by... man, it just disappears without you even catching a glimpse of it,

To prove that I am in the second-half of my life, I even bought a book, "Beyond Half-Time" written by Bob Buford. He is an author highly recommended by my good friend, Leroy, who just crossed the big 'five-O' mark.Apparently, this author published his first book, "Half-Time" (what else could it be?) in 1995. Obviously, I had no reason to even touch that book in 1995. I was only 41.

Now, at 55 plus, all Buford's books will make more sense. He suggests that in our second-half, we should move from 'success' to 'significance'. Well, for one thing, my tummy has complied with his suggestion and  has become significantly larger and rounder. I am keeping this round tummy because it gives my wife such a thrill watching it grows. Moreover, it's a great conversation piece.

"Hey, your tummy is growing bigger!"

"Yeah, I know."

"You should cut down on your food!"

"Yeah, I know."

"You don't want to look like a pregnant goose!"

"Yeah, I know."

You can tell how good Grace and I communicate. We do this so often that I can now do it even when I am napping. All men should learn this technique because it does not only slow their heartbeats but keeps the marriage alive. At least, your wife thinks it's alive, even though you're half-dead... what I mean is that you're napping.

My other good friend, Aaron, is a year younger than I am but he is still 25. Somehow, along life's journey, he has surrendered his mathematics to his Primary School's math teacher. So, he is 25 and I am coming to 56. Strange... for such a great age-gap, we have so much in common. Any way, I always have an affinity with younger generations.

I think I am going to take a nap now. Typing this blog makes me sleepy. Well, before my dream sequence begins, a word of advice ...if you are already in the second half, go and take a nap. If you are still in your first half, then please keeping working. Why are you reading this blog during working hours?

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