Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Refiring And Not Retiring

A friend says that she is not retiring but re-tyring. Her life in the second-half is filled with more exciting contributions to the kingdom of God than her first half. Another friend says that he is re-firing and not retiring.,, and his life is also filled with much activities for the kingdom of God.

For years, I was worried about the big five O but now at 56, it isn't that bad. I am busier for the kingdom than when I was in my 40s. My preaching and training engagements are filling up my calendar. I suspect I am enjoying the best time of my life. 

One thing I realize is that I am a little more patient than before. Screaming kids used to irritate me but lately, some unruly kids were running at the front of the church while Pastor Alvin was preaching and... I was not even disturbed. Then there are the dogs and cats... every day, they poo a million times and I just clean a million times without even any sign of frustration. I am sweeping and mopping with a smile. Maybe I am getting senile or something.

Hopefully, with age, I am getting a little wiser. I have been doing a little intra-communication and realize that many things are not that important anymore. What car I drive and what house I live in do not matter any more. Whether I have money in the bank does not matter too. 

Other people's opinions also do not matter that much. Yes, now I have nothing to prove to anyone. What I have done, I have done! Success or failure does not seem to bother me that much now. Opinions are just opinions. 

Appearance also does not matter any more too. The other day my wife alerted me of some hairs sticking up like peacock tail on the back of my head. Guess what? I was not perturbed at all. Peacock tail or rooster tail... who is going to laugh at a man in his mid-fifties? Even if I were to crow in public, no one is going to bat an eyelid.

It is true that we are as old as we feel... so I admit that I really feel like I am only in my early 40s. The body may looked a little out of shape but the spirit is still dashing. There is still a lot of mileage left in this former black-belt holder. The most important thing for me now is to pound on the keys of my laptop and complete the three books in the pipeline. The other important thing is to impart as much information and knowledge about healing and church growth to the churches that are willing to learn. Apart from that, I want to make my wife happy so that her life will be wonderful too.

Mmmmm... I love my life!

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