Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cleaning Poo Poo and Other Chores

Danny the New Puppy
This morning, my neighbour, Mrs. Wong asked how many times a day I wash the porch. Mmmm... I wash as often as the dogs poo. Since Mrs. Wong's question at 7 AM, I had washed the porch four times and it is not yet noon.

Cleaning dogs' poo poo is my job. Now with a new addition, the front porch is getting really messy. Apart from Goodness and Mercy, we now have an active Danny. This puppy is the one that Grace rescued about two months ago, on a rainy evening. Both its legs were broken. After being treated by Grace's sister, Dr. Pam, Danny is now staying with us while waiting to be adopted. 

Apart from cleaning poo poo, I had also mopped the house and fed three dogs, two cats and a solitary fish. I had also washed Danny's cage and rearranged the bookshelves. Working from home is really 'working'.

How many office workers are required to mop their office or clean pets' poo poo? And my dear wife still wonders what I do at home. Maybe I should just forget about the home office and go to my official office at Subang 2. At least there is a tea lady serving me freshly brewed coffee and also cleaning my office every day.

With three incomplete books, a couple of seminar notes and sermons to finish, I consider myself to be a very busy man. However, with a little careful planning, I can pace my works and still have time to accompany my sweetheart to shop and catch a movie. That is if I am not conducting Elijah Challenge Healing Trainings or Church Growth Seminars overseas or in other parts of Malaysia.

Grace often comes with me on such trips but her leaves have quickly been depleted. Soon, I will have to make mission trips without her... unless, she leaves her job and starts a business. Not too sure if that is a good idea but at least this serves as an option. Meanwhile, she has to keep her job as the Editor of 'Health Today'. Without her income, I will have no health today... I will most probably be malnourished or worse... dead.

The love offerings that I receive for my sermons and seminars are obviously not enough to take care of all our expenses. I have a joke about love offerings - there is always more love than offerings. However, to prevent any misunderstanding, I must say that this musing is not written with the intention of receiving more financial donations. Not at all... for God provides all our needs and we are thankful.

Three years ago, when my income dried up, the Lord opened the door for Grace to work as an Editor. She got the job without showing a single page of resume or any documents to the employer. Grace is a nutritionist by training and at that time, was only a part-time writer. She was never an editor but when God opened the door, no one could shut it. Today, under her editorship, the magazine has improved its circulation and readerships. As you can tell, I am very proud of my wife.

Apart from that, I must say that nothing can express my gratitude to my loving God.  He does work in mysterious ways and often in our day-to-day experiences. He never leaves us alone but weaves his plans into our insufficient ones. When one door closes He opens another one. The One who opened the Red Sea is the One who takes care of us now. We are blessed and forever grateful.

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